Your ticket sales are yours. We don’t charge per ticket.

If you want to sell online reservations and tickets, Tixmeister is what you need. Unlike others, we don’t charge you a percentage of your sales or an amount per ticket. Pricing for Tixmeister starts at absolutely free (yes, you read that correctly: zero, zilch, free). More extensive options are priced at fixed amounts, no matter how many reservations or tickets you sell.

Features That Will Make You Love Tixmeister

Unlimited Ticket Types

Go all out on ticket types: adults, VIPs, members, family-tickets, you name it. Everything is possible.

Ticket Builder

Ticket builder lets you create as many georgious ticket templates as you need. Every event and ticket type can have a custom design.

Timeslots Admin

Admin for Timeslots becomes a breeze with bulk-edit. You can change, say, tickets left for any or all Timeslots in a month. No need to change each Timeslot individually.

Corporate Design

Make your ticketsite look like it’s part of your regular website, including menus. You can even have your own url:

…and much, much more