Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tixmeister safe?

Yes, Tixmeister is safe. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we rely on the security backbone from the core of WordPress and WooCommerce which powers most of the web. We keep the backbone up-to-date so that vulnerabilities are addressed before they become a problem.

Does that mean that Tixmeister is immune to hacking? We would like to be, but in reality even companies like Microsoft and Facebook get hacked. Same for the US Government. However, we take state-of-the-art precautions to minimize the risk.

Why is Tixmeister free for not-for-profit organizations?

Tixmeister was founded by “museum-people”. We were agast that virtually everything on the market works on the percentage-of-the-ticket-price principle. That gets expensive very quickly. We thought that a modular fixed-price product would be really useful for museums and what-have-you. So we came up with Tixmeister.

Turns out, however, that many small not-for-profit organisations that rely on volunteers and little funding cannot afford even a fixed-price product. That’s why we launched our Not-For-Profit version. If that version covers your needs, be our guest! We’re happy to have you.